Audio Samples

Overture - Performed by the LSO

MOTION PICTURES - Family/Kids/Comedy
In The Dog House - Chasing The Dog
In The Dog House - Sensitive Themes
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Dragonworld - Main Title
Dragonworld - Celtic Dance
Dragonworld - Scotland
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Home Of The Brave - Main Theme

My Horrible Year - MT
My Horrible Year - Sensitive Guitar
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Prehysteria - Main Title
Prehysteria - Finale
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Remote - Main Title
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MOTION PICTURES - Sci-Fi / Adventure
Metalstorm - Chase
Metalstorm - Fight
Metalstorm - Lost City
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Robo Warriors - Main Title
Robo Warriors - Montage (see video)

MOTION PICTURES - Horror/Suspense
Resurrected - Main Title
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From Beyond - Main Title (See Video)

Castle Freak - Main Title

Castle Freak - Suspense / Horror
Castle Freak - End Title

Pit And The Pendulum - End Credits

Re-Animator - Main Title

Head Of The Family - Main Title

Shrunken Heads - Graveyard / Big Mo's
Shrunken Heads - Jazzy

Zone Troopers - Big Band