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Original Soundtrack Recording
Music By Richard Band

La La Land Records LLLCD 10
Date of issue: 2003

While Richard Band may not be responsible for some of the true greats in 80's horror soundtracks he does have quite a few gems under his belt. Before dipping into the Full Moon catalog late 80's early 90's to work his magic he blessed us with fantastic themes and musical interludes for such films as Ghoulies, Troll, the often forgotten Prison and who could ever forget the groundbreaking sounds that accompanied Stuart Gordon's Re-Animator? (also available on CD from La-La Land records) We had the opportunity to check out La La Land's recent soundtrack release from another Stuart Gordon classic scored by Richard Band, 1986's From Beyond.

The film itself has always been a favorite among fans with it's squishy and bizarre low-rent (yet effective) creature effects along with the presence of Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton, both of whom had appeared together the previous year in Gordon's Re-Animator. The film itself has yet to make a proper appearance on the digital format (there's a muddy HK disc available) but thankfully - fans can now enjoy the remastered soundtrack like never before.

The discs clear inner tray reveals a selected Richard Band filmography and there's also a full color 6-page insert which includes pictures along with words from Stuart Gordon, Richard Band and writer Randall D Larson. The liner notes do a great job of going into detail about the process of scoring From Beyond and how Band opted to forgo his usual thematic elements in an attempt to create a more other worldly type of atmosphere by using electronic elements, strings and recurring motifs. From Beyond offers up a great soundtrack for genre fans and this crystal clear recording provided by La La Land Records comes highly recommended. The run is limited to 3,000 copies, so you better act quick. I'm assuming that once they are gone, they're gone forever!

Lawrence P. Raffel
Movies Editor