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Original Television Soundtrack
Music By Joel Goldsmith, Richard Band
Kevin Kiner and Dennis McCarthy

GNP Crescendo Records GNPD 8074
Date of issue: 2001

"Richard Band's 'Cold Lazarus' is a lighthearted and melodic track from this album. The piano and choral elements give it almost a lullaby feel and does a great job of enhancing the emotional nature of the episode. Here we are given a very soft rendition of the main STARGATE theme played by a flute, which ties the track to the context of the series. "

Richard Band's 'Cold Lazarus' happens to be one of my favorite tracks on the album. Band's work here is more lyrical and shows an incredibly soft and tender side to the scoring than the other composers have represented on the album. The music happens to be more subtle, not so much a full-fledged action composition, then an emotional piece that advances the characterization within. While the suite is over six minutes long, I felt that Band was under-represented on this release. the quality of this suite just proves it even further. Just breath-taking."

Sean Robert Abbey

Film Music review on CROSSWINDS.NET
"Richard Band's track benefits from skillful use of synths in creative non-orchestral ways, creating a cool, crystally vibe."