Puppet Master 1 & 2 (2-LP set)

Music by Richard Band

Autographed by Richard BAnd

$60.00 per set

Label: Wargod — 3587
Film Dates: 1989 / 1991
Album Date: 2018
Tracks LP 1: 7
Tracks LP 2: 9

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Puppet Master 1 & 2 (2-LP Set)

Richard Band

Track Listings


Side A 
01. Main Title 
02. Blade Enters The Hotel / The Obstacles / Toulon's Suicide 
03. Toulon Remembers 
04. Remembering / The Deja Vu Waltz 
05. The Puppets Begin Their Stalking 

Side B 
01. Pinhead / Toulon / Even Puppets Have Feelings 
02. The Puppets Turn on Toulon / Finale and End Title 


Side A 
01. The Graveyard / Main Title 
02. The Parapsychologists Enter the House 
03. Patrick Investigates the Graveyard 
04. Leech Woman Dies / Toulon’s Beginnings 

Side B 
05. Michael & Carolynn Make Love... Toulon and Puppets Plan On 
06. Blade, Pinhead, and Torch / Blade Does in the Hick 
07. Toulon Realizes His End is Near, the Battle Begins 
08. Puppet Time! 
09. End Title

About This Album

For the first time on vinyl, Wargod proudly presents the soundtracks to horror cult classics, Puppet Master and Puppet Master II, scored by Richard Band. 

The Puppet Master franchise defines B movie horror fun, and aside from the demonic dolls, Richard Band's score takes center stage. Journalist Chris Alexander put it best, noting how Band was able to take "tinkling found sounds, electronic and symphonic elements and weave them into a majestic death waltz... the Puppet Master theme speaks of magic, mystery and the unknown". 

Impressively, Band was able to put it all together on a modest budget. Noting of the original: "While having scored most of my films with orchestra up until that point, there just was not the budget for live players on this particular project. While still wanting to maintain a primarily “orchestral” approach, I needed to create a new palette of sounds that would not only be unique to this project but give it a special identity." 

Band also speaks of the sequel: "As with the first album I wanted this to be more of a listening experience on it’s own that told the story, which is why I spent a good deal of time on the editing and re-assembly." He adds "I felt that maintaining the basic approach from the first film was still appropriate but I needed to expand on it." 

Band's haunting soundtracks have since become synonymous with the franchise and outside of a couple of cues released on a collection LP back in 2015, the scores in their entirety have never been released on vinyl before now. 

Both the original and sequel have been remastered by Bill Henderson and each contains a digital download coupon and insert with exclusive liner notes from Richard Band. 

This bundle contains Puppet Master on a red/black splatter variant and Puppet Master II on a "blood pool" variant - both colors are exclusive to the bundle, which is housed inside an exclusive slipcase and limited to 250 copies. 100 random orders of the bundle will receive the slipcase signed by composer Richard Band.