While Emmy nominated composer Richard Band to many is primarily known as a composer for Horror and Genre films, unbeknownst to most he has often stepped well outside the horror genre and diversified his body of work demonstrating his ability to tackle any genre and style presented to him. Richard has worked in film, tv, and interactive media during his impressive career.

His work is extremely prolific and has consistently evolved with the ever-changing needs and tastes of the entertainment industry. He has worked on over 140 film and TV projects and has had his works recorded with some of the most renowned orchestras in the world including the London Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Rome Symphony Orchestra.

In addition to being a composer, Richard finds time to educate and mentor aspiring composers and musicians in all areas related to composition, the music industry and music production process. His knowledge and experience in film music, mastering, album producing, and intellectual property rights has proven to be invaluable to many.

A more detailed biography and history may be viewed on IMDB.

The Value Richard Band Provides


Cohesive storytelling through musical ideas that relate to each other as well as to the visual elements on screen. The music compliments and supports the narrative being established and developed onscreen. The music style is like that of a chameleon, adapting it to fit any requested style or genre.


Extensive music education and performance experience. Having recorded with several well-known orchestras used in film score recording, Well versed in the recording process. Currently accustomed to recreating a full orchestra sound through virtual instruments in the computer.


Every score recorded has had a personal hands-on involvement regarding the engineering and mixing of the music for picture and album releases. Even today, whether being sent to the film mixers or to a record label for album release, that personal oversight enters to ensure the best quality from the start.


The Short List


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