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While Richard Band may be best known as a composer for Horror films, he has had the opportunity to work in a wide variety of genres as well as various project types. Many who are new to Richard's work would not think of him as having a "softer side" seeing how his body of work leans more toward Horror than any other genre. However, he manages to find some projects within the Horror genre that allow some of that more humorous personality shine through such as the films he works on with his brother Charles Band for Full Moon Features.

Overall, Richard  has produced an amazing and diverse body of work. Presented below is a "highlight" version of Richard's filmography. It features projects that best represent his abilities as a composer and storyteller while demonstrating his capacity to be versatile in any genre.

A full list of his work can be accessed on IMDB.

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An independent pod-caster who delves even deeper into Richard's past, influences, career paths and creative approaches to music composition. 

Erin Bahn

Podcast Website dedicated to Movies, Television and Video Game music. Rob explores Richard's past to uncover what lead up to him composing for film and what life has been like ever since.

Host: Rob Daniels