Fan Art From Brutal Posters


I recently received this nicely done "fan art" piece from Chris Barnes at Brutal Posters. His makes great movie posters that pay homage to the old "collage" approach movie posters used to take. He is a huge horror fan, his style tries to replicate poster artwork from his favorite eras and pay homage to the artists who inspire him. 

His clients include Fangoria, Arrow Video, BBC, and more. 

He's also the writer and Executive Producer of multi-award winning short film BURN.



"The Deep Ones" is one of my latest scoring assignments. It will be streaming soon. It has not yet been announced where it will be streaming but when that announcement is made, I will share it here. In the meantime, here is trailer for the film.

Currently in release: Exorcism at 60,000 Feet


Last year (2019), I scored a really wild indie film called "Exorcism at 60,000 Feet". Amongst various awards I was honored to receive the “Best Original Score” award at the Hollywood Horrorfest Film Festival. This new Horror/Comedy film is currently released and streaming on AMAZON as well as all other platforms. Check out the review here.  

For my music fans, the score will also be receiving a release by mid may. I will have a more definitive date on that shortly. Follow my social media pages on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter and here on my website for that announcement. Here is a Sneak Peak at the cover.

Salem Horror Fest 2020: Scored To Death Roundtable


Scored To Death: A Virtual Roundtable with Some of Horror’s Greatest Composers 
Richard Band, Joseph Bishara, Holly Amber Church, Charlie Clouser, Harry Manfredini.

To see the panel discussion, you will have to subscribe / buy an entry ticket for the Salem Horror Festival online..

Watch the Podcast here.

Currently in Release: Necropolis: Legion


Amazingly, another film I scored in January of this year starts streaming on AMAZON on May 8th. It’s called “Necropolis: Legion”. This one is quite a bit darker and weirder but I think you might want to check it out as well. Check out the trailer and the "back of the box" description here. 

Enjoy and PLEASE keep practicing your “Social Distancing”!

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