"Bride of Re-Animator" - CD

Music by Richard Band

Autographed by Richard Band

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Label: Dragon's Domain DDR603
Film Date: 1990
Album Date: 2015
Time: 67:20
Tracks: 26

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Bride of Re-Animator

Richard Band

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Track Listings

01. Prologue (0:46)
02. Maybe His Nerves / War Inside the Tent (1:27) 
03. Main Titles (2:55)
04. Hill's Head... Dead?/Room With Parts/West Steals Feet (2:26)
05. West Hits It On The Head/Driving To The House (1:16)
06. Finger/Eye Ball Experiment (0:41)
07. West Convinces Dan (3:09)
08. Inspector Comes (1:57)
09. Bat Sequence (1:47)
10. West & Dan Get Body (2:07)
11. "Don't You Ever... Do. That Again" (1:33)
12. Francesca With Inspector / Inspector Tells His Story (1:52)
13. Inspector Drives Up (0:21)
14. Love Scene-To West/West's Limb Experiment/Sex Scene/West with Inspector/Inspector In Lab (4:34)
15. "Well, We Could..." (4:27)
16. West's Idea About The Dog/Dog Handshake (2:17)
17. Dan Screams (0:43)
18. West's Devilishness (0:29)
19. Hill's Hypnotism (0:28)
20. "I'll Get The Head" (0:52) 
21. West Convinces Dan (Again) (3:29)
22. Hill With Inspector (1:05)
23. Inspector Grabs Francesca (0:28)
24. Building The Bride/Dr. Hill Goes Batty/The Bride Lives (8:07)
25. End Sequence- West Looks For Head/Reveal The Bride/West's Justification/Dan Turns Away From Bride/Dead Heads Come To Kill (9:08)
26. Freak Show Behind The Wall/End Titles (7:54)

Total Time: 67:20

About This Album

Dragon’s Domain Records presents BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR, available through buysoundtrax.com. BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR features music composed by Richard Band for the 1990 horror comedy produced and directed by Brian Yuzna, starring Bruce Abbott, Claude Earl Jones, Fabiana Udenio, Kathleen Kinmont, Mel Stewart and David Gale as Doctor Hill (his head, mostly) and, of course, Jeffrey Combs returning as the beloved Dr. Herbert West. 

Previously released on compact disc by Silva Screen Records as part of a doubleheader with the original RE-ANIMATOR way back in the early 1990s and long out of print, Dragon’s Domain Records brings the BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR back to life again, newly remastered from the composer’s original elements by James Nelson at Digital Outland and with more music, along with liner notes written by author Randall Larson, with the participation of the composer.