"Dragonworld" - CD

Music by Richard Band

Autographed by Richard Band


Label: Intrada Signature Edition ISE1048
Film Date: 1994
Album Date: 2012
Time: 1:00:52
Tracks: 14

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Richard Band

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Track Listings

01. Main Title (2:39) 
02. Grandpa's Legend (6:59) 
03. Mrs. Cosgrove (2:03) 
04. Behold The Manor (5:34) 
05. Baby What? (0:50) 
06. Dad's Old Room (3:18) 
07. The Envelope For Taxes (0:55) 
08. They Land (4:10) 
09. Bagpipes And Gravesite (3:20) 
10. Baby Dragon (2:20) 
11. Showtime (6:50) 
12. Yowler Goes Ape (2:49) 
13. Getting Yowler Back (10:39) 
14. All Is Well (8:06)

Total Time: 1:00:52

About This Album

Treat for Richard Band fans! World premiere release of Band's colorful score from Ted Nicolaou dragon fantasy aimed at familiy audience, starring Sam Mackenzie, Brittney Powell, Andrew Keir, from story by Charles Band, produced by Albert Band. Scotland settings inspire composer to create both period feel, warm-hearted melody while dragon fantasy inspires dazzling array of musical color. While music is rife with action, real heart of it remains incredibly warm theme identifying rich emotions of story. Though modest in budget, Band mentions involvement by Paramount Pictures allowed score to flow from solo penny-whistle and electronic keyboards up through full strings, brass and woodwinds to help spin fantastic yarn. Hour-long CD offers complete score, presents everything in 14 segments to create cohesive "suite". Several lengthy cues result! Mastered from original digital two-track stereo session elements, with brief liner notes by both composer, director. Richard Band conducts.