"Ravenswolf Towers" - CD

Music by Richard Band

Autographed by Richard Band

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Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 413
Film Date: 2016
Album Date: 2018
Time: 46:48
Tracks: 26

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Ravenswolf Towers

Richard Band

Preview Tracks

Track Listings

01. Main Titles (1:39) 
02. The Door (1:39) 
03. Dr. Ivanhoff (1:23) 
04. Dr. Ivanhoff’s Room (2:15) 
05. The Mutant Room (0:50) 
06. One Weird Family (1:37) 
07. Discovering The Boy And Girl (1:03) 
08. Jake And Dr. Lorka (1:28) 
09. Lorka’s Machine (1:23) 
10. Mary In Distress (1:00) 
11. Mary And Jake/The Infusion (4:17) 
12. Growing Closer (0:40) 
13. Mary Leaves (1:54) 

14. The Family (3:39) 
15. Jake With Mary (3:13) 
16. Newbies/Blood On The Lamp (1:32) 
17. Ivanhoff And Jake (2:50) 
18. Jake Sees Through The Glasses (2:42) 
19. Jake Is Determined (0:55) 

20. Mary With The Family (0:53) 
21. The KISS! (1:22) 
22. Regina Snoops Ivanhoff (2:50) 
23. After The Attack (0:53) 
24. Mary Leaves Jake (1:49) 
25. The REAL Jake? (0:50) 
26. End Titles (1:42) 

Total Time: 46:48

About This Album

World premiere release of scare-filled horror score by Richard Band! “Fear Has A Permanent Residence” declares the 2016 webseries advertising. And Band’s music underlines that fear! Full Moon releases the show, Charles Band produces, Maria Olsen, Michael Citriniti, George Appleby star, Charles Band also directs. A once-elite Hollywood apartment building falls on hard times, its population becomes unwitting guests, mad doctors, degenerates and various monstrosities. Numerous characters from earlier Full Moon productions make appearances, affording composer Richard Band to re-visit themes and motifs he had scored for many of those films, albeit now in new guise. In addition, two new characters (Mary and Jake) lead and required their own all-new thematic material. For them, Band composed a love theme melding romantic ideas with sad ones, musically portraying their impossible love.

In addition to the fatalistic romance, Band scores music both horrifying and disturbing, illuminating Jake’s discovery of numerous secrets within The Tower’s dark corridors, decrepit interiors, locked rooms… and the presence of an alluringly beautiful yet mysterious woman who could be either the peak of innocence or the roots of evil. As Roger Feigelson describes things, this is Richard Band doing what Richard Band does best. The CD divides between three episodes of the series, all scored by Band: Bad Mary, Bonds Of Blood and Secrets In The Walls. The series Main Titles and End Titles also appear. Band himself prepared the album for release and offers a few paragraphs about his music inside the colorful "flipper-style" booklet and packaging designed by Kay Marshall. Richard Band composes, orchestrates, performs.