"Terrorvision" - CD

Music by Richard Band

Autographed by Richard Band

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Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 393
Film Date: 1986
Album Date: 2017
Time: 51:49
Tracks: 26

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Richard Band

Preview Tracks

Track Listings

01. Prelude (1:21) 
02. Repairs (1:02) 
03. Medusa #1 (0:58) 
04. Satellite Dish (0:37) 
05. Medusa #2 / Medusa #3 (0:58) 
06. Monster (1:43) 
07. God Dang Burglar (4:47) 
08. Bye, Gramps (2:07) 
09. T.V. Radiates (0:19) 
10. Locked In (1:44) 
11. Medusa #4 (0:53) 
12. Medusa #5 (0:33) 
13. Bye Bye, Spiro (3:24) 
14. In Bed With Gramps (1:11) 
15. O.D. Chased (1:33) 
16. Medusa #6 (0:44) 
17. Sherman Fights Back (5:19) 
18. Pluthar Arrives (1:48) 
19. Medusa Kills Pluthar (2:23) 
20. Good Morning (0:39) 

Total Score Time: 34:18 

Tracks by The Fibonaccis 
21. TerrorVision (3:40) 
22. The Friends Of Crime (2:47) 
23. Sack Of Suet Suite* (2:58) 
24. Advice To A Mutant+ (2:48) 
25. He Can’t Stop Laughing (2:50)

Total Fibonaccis Time: 15:07 

The Extra 
26. Wild Bell Drops (Planet Hits) (2:10) 

Total Time: 51:49

About This Album

Newly mastered, expanded and limited CD premiere of Richard Band cult horror soundtrack! Empire Pictures presents, Charles Band executive produces, Albert Band produces, Diane Franklin, Gerrit Graham, Mary Woronov, Alejandro Rey, Bert Remsen star, Richard Band scores with original songs by The Fibonaccis (John Dentino, Thomas Corey). Cosmic sci-fi horror movie offers equal parts scares, send-ups with non-stop effects and wacky low-budget action. Find a wacky monstrous energy substance created out of alien garbage disposal soon being “received” by new satellite dish in Putterman family’s backyard and monstrous mutation hijinks ensue! Composer Band tackles scoring not simply with expectant synthesized beeps and bleeps but with surprisingly sophisticated (for 1986) electronic writing.

Effort was in the pre-MIDI era, requiring live performance of all parts, with everything written out rather than improvised. As such, music at times takes on character of fully-scored composition with some 20 individual colors created by Band and orchestrator-associate Christopher L. Stone, intended to evoke 60’s style scoring vernacular in modern (80’s era) dress. Band utilized then-brand new Yamaha CS70 plus twin ARP 2800’s, mini Moog synthesizer, DX5 and DX7 keyboards. Restless Records label issued short-lived LP in 1986 containing one side of score by Band, one side with five vocal/instrumental tracks written by The Fibonaccis.

For this Intrada presentation we went back to the original 2” 8-channel session masters and 1/2” 3-channel mixes to completely re-assemble and remaster all of Band’s score including numerous previously unreleased tracks of score. The stereo image is vivid and wide! All five Fibonaccis tracks are included which feature both vocals and instrumentals, also remastered from their original two-track stereo master mixes. Band, with Stone’s electronic orchestrations, ensured lively score offered real themes and melodic ideas with an emphasis on action and spooky thrills, tongues sometimes planted firmly in cheeks but just as often played with straight faces. Results are an electronic score with genuine musicality! Score by Band recorded in December 1985 by Christopher Stone at Hughes Avenue, Los Angeles. Songs (three vocals, two instrumentals) by The Fibonaccis recorded in January 1985 at Music Grinder, Los Angeles.