Unlucky Charms

Music by Richard Band

Autographed by Richard Band

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Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 432
Film Date: 2013
Album Date: 2019
Time: 49:52
Tracks: 19

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Unlucky Charms

Richard Band

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Track Listings

01. Observing Kids / Netherworld (2:31) 
02. Main Title (3:11) 
03. Same Guy? (2:55) 
04. Later, Bitches (1:30) 
05. Something For The Loser (2:22) 
06. Faggy Judge Eats Carrots (3:54) 
07. Down The Stairs / Surprise (1:44) 
08. Having Sex Downstairs (1:28) 
09. Exterior Mansion To Interior Black Diva (1:59) 
10. The Group Watches (0:46) 
11. In On Red … The Egg Search (5:42) 
12. The 2 Girls (1:49) 
13. Girl Getting Ready Then (2:03) 
14. Didi’s Face Begins To Change (1:29) 
15. Back In Didi’s Room (5:07) 
16. The Mirror / Red Man Appears (5:10) 
17. Back On The Park Bench (0:36) 
18. End Crawl With Cast Recap (2:00) 
19. End Titles (3:05) 

Total Time: 49:52

About This Album

Evocative, action-filled Richard Band soundtrack for Full Moon fantasy feature! They’re magically malicious! So says advertising for this 2013 horror fantasy from Full Moon Productions, one of the places the film’s composer Richard Band calls home. Tiffany Thornton, Nikki Leigh, Anna Sophia Berglund, Masuimi Max, Charlie O’Connell, Alex Rose Wiesel star, Charles Band directs, Richard Band scores. Devious fashion designer seeks beautiful models to to aid in marketing new line of lingerie. Group of five aspiring models applies within, discovers more is in store than they bargained for… a battle for their very souls courtesy evil otherworldly creatures! Having just three weeks to provide the score, Richard Band works in the genre he is particularly fascinated with, creates music melding elements of magic, history, legend with scares and thrills. Band fleshes out his synthesized musical palette with colors from low brass and strings, plus liberal use of orchestra bells and harp. Add just a touch of choir to provide mystique and Band delivers a colorful, exciting score with strong melodic shape profuse with vibrant action! The composer produces a strong nearly 50-minute album, Kay Marshall designs a colorful flipper-style booklet and package. Richard Band, Robert Douglass orchestrate, Richard Band composes, performs. Intrada Special Collection CD available while quantities and interest remain!