"Ravenswolf Towers 1" - DVD

$12.95 ea.

Autographed by Richard & Charles Band

Label: Full Moon Features 
Film Date: 2014 
Blu-Ray Release Date: 2017 
Time: 87 Minutes


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Ravenwolf Towers - DVD

Full Moon Features

About This Release

The legendary RAVENWOLF TOWERS, once home to Hollywood's elite, has fallen on hard times. Jake, the new assistant manager slowly discovers that concealed among The Towers' dark corridors, decrepit interiors and locked rooms are many terrifying secrets: guests who disappear without a trace, mad doctors, degenerate monstrosities, inbred horrors, and an alluringly beautiful, mysterious woman. Could she be a damsel in distress? or is she the most terrifying resident of all? Find out by watching Charles Band's nightmarish soap opera from Hell, RAVENWOLF TOWERS! 


  • Full Moon Trailers 
  • Room 1010: Inside Ravenwolf Towers 
  • Ravenwolf Origins 


  • Shiloh Creveling 
  • Evan Henderson 
  • Maria Olsen 
  • Michael Citriniti 
  • George Appleby 
  • Sonny King 
  • Jesse Egan 
  • Rosemary Brownlow 
  • Arthur Roberts 
  • William Paul Burns 
  • Robert Cooper 
  • Nihilist Gelo 


  • Charles Band